The Lakes in the Salzburg Lake District

The heart of the Salzburg Lake District are the lakes, Mattsee, Grabensee,  Obertrumersee -  (the three also known as the Trumerseen) and the Wallersee, north of the Mozart city of Salzburg.

A predominant part of the idyllic lakeside areas with reed thickets is protected by the Austrian National Trust , whereby the Wenger Moor near the Wallersee has been part of 2000-European protection  area since 1996. The area of around 300 hectares is a refuge for rare birds, such as grey herons, ducks, pheasants, coots, pewits,curlews and grebes. Beavers have also returned to the warmer waters of the lakes, home to trout, eels, carp, sheat fish, pike and bream.

Experience the lakes from a different angle
A new and enjoyable sport is stand-up paddling, which enables you to explore every inch of the lake. Early risers can take in the morning glow and the view across the lakes and idyllic bays and banks radiate peace and relaxation..

Our Lakes


With its six square kilometers of water surface of Wallersee is the largest lake of the Salzburg Lake District.

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The Mattsee belongs, like the other lakes in the Salzburg Lake District to the warmest lakes in all of Salzburg.

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The Grabensee is a bog lake. It is the smallest of the three Trumer lakes. There are only a gentle tourist use here.

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Obertrumer See

The Obertrumersee is 4.9 km² the largest of the three Trumer lakes. Around the lake there are numerous nature trails.

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