With a size of 6 sq.km. the Wallersee is the largest lake in the Salzburg Lake District.
The name of the lake originates from the middle high german word  „Walchen,“ which means „stranger“, and not from the fact that sheat fish (Waller) are to be found in the waters. Any Romanic foreigners who settled  south of Bavaria were considered  by the locals to be „Walchen.“

Wenger Moor Nature Reserve

A larger part of the area around Köstendorf reaching down to the lake includes the protected Wenger Moorland. Also the reeded banks of the lake are protected.

Resorts on the Wallersee

Henndorf am Wallersee

Henndorf is situated on the south-east bank of the Wallersee and is the home of Gut Aiderbichl, a famous animal sanctuary.

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Neumarkt am Wallersee

Neumarkt is located on the north bank of the Wallersee and has a lot to offer in the culinary and cultural fields.

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Seekirchen am Wallersee

Seekirchen is situated on the south-west bank of the Wallersee and is a popular and romantic setting for weddings

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Köstendorf bei Salzburg

Köstendorf is situated centrally in the Salzburg Lake District, where progress enriches tradition and proven methods are still appreciated

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