Devil´s Gorge Seeham

Once upon a time long ago, heavy weather and rain fell over the area between Obertrumersee and Haunsberg, causing the brook to rage. There was always an inexplicable, frightening howling, shouting and shrieking. The people all around told each other that the stones in the stream would make such a noise because of the many water.

One day, the ball miller and the miller went to the small valley to check what was going on over there. The amazement grew as they saw a huge man climbing up the rock of the falls like a cat slipping down the waterfall and submerging in the pool below the waterfall, spraying and steaming like burning red hot iron. Suddenly they recogniced that it was the devil.
The monster wanted to buy the souls of the two men. They should accompany him on dangerous slides. The men considered a trick. They wanted to build a climbing aid for the devil to make it easier. But the help was a trap for the devil. He was so angry that he used his hoofs to slash angrily into the rock, causing the stone to melt under his foot.

The devil disappeared with hellish noise and was never seen again. To this day you can see the steps by the waterfall.

Tourist Office Seeham
Dorf 12
5164 Seeham

T +43 6217 5493  
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With the Seenland Card you get the legend hike through the Devil´s George Seeham 1x free.

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