VEGA-Sternwarte Haus der Natur

Vega -Sternwarte Haus der Natur (Observatory - part of the natural history museum): First dome installed
On Thursday 24. May 2018 a further step in the construction of the VEGA-Sternwarte Haus der Natur (observatory) was completed.  A dome weighing tons was lifted little by little on to the roof of the observatory. The second dome is planned for July and general completion of the observatory is expected around middle of August, if all goes to plan.

A large public observatory is being constructed on the Haunsberg, a hill which is part of the Salzburg Lake District. It will bring the stars nearer to earth: as from summer 2018 it will be a special experience for those interested in finding out all about outer space. As opposed to observatories which are purely for research, this observatory focuses on intermediation and public interest. The Haus der Natur (natural history museum) in Salzburg intends to awake the interest of as many people as possible in astronomy and space research, and also to encourage interaction and discussion of these subjects.

The VEGA-Sternwarte Haus der Natur is fitted with the latest and most modern technical equipment. It contains two high-performance reflecting telescopes, also observation platforms on the roof. In additionthe observatory has a combined lecture and events hall with audio-visual equipment, including live coverage of the telescope. 

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  • (C)NeumayrLeo
  • M42 - der Orionnebel ist eines der aktivsten Sternenentstehungsgebiete in Erdnähe. (C) Wolfgang Krispler

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