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Round trip length: 128 km
Altitude metres: 1327 m

The Bavarians, the youngest tribe of Germanic peoples and ancestors of the Bavarians, emerged from highly diverse population groups in the middle of the 6th century. The landscape of the area they once inhabited between Mattsee and the Bavarian market town of Waging am See is glacial in character and has changed little in the last 1,500 years. The route still follows the Celtic salt and Roman military roads.

The cycle tour follows the traces of the Bavarians along the entire route. You can learn about their life and economy in the Bajuwarengehöft Mattsee and in the Bavarian Museum in Waging am See get a picture.
The route leads off the main roads through the scenic Salzburg Seenland, the discovery district and the Waginger lake area.
Starting at Mattsee, the route goes via Perwang - Dorfbeuern - Haigermoos - Tittmoning - Waging am See - Laufen - Oberndorf - Berndorf and Obertrum back to the starting point.
In the centre of Mattsee, directly behind the parish church, you will find the Bajuwarengehöft with a miniature golf course, nature playground, Kneipp facility and a cosy cradle lounger with a view of Mattsee Castle.

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