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The 4 lakes in the
Salzburg Seenland

Mattsee, Grabensee and Obertrumer See: The "Trumer Seen" lakes together with the Wallersee the heart of Salzburg's Seenland north of the Mozart city of Salzburg.

A large part of the idyllic riparian landscapes is covered by reeds and is under nature conservation - for example, the Wenger Moor at Wallersee has been listed as a Natura 2000 European nature reserve since 1996. This protected area of almost 300 hectares is a habitat for rare water birds such as grey herons, lapwings, curlews, ducks, great crested grebes or coots. Even the beavers have rediscovered the warm and fish-rich lakes as their habitat - the catfish, bream, pike, carp, eel and trout feel at home in the Wallersee.

Experience the lakes from a different angle

Looking across a lake and onto the shore from the water: Stand-up paddlers have the pleasure - as do recreation-seekers who let a lukewarm breeze blow around their noses on small boats or with the lake cruise on Mattsee and Obertrumer See. Fascination with water at any time of the day - with wonderful views, good air and all the splendour that nature offers us.

Important information on motorboating and e-foils - see the instructions of the Shippingauthority

Lake temperatures

26.1 °C

Lake temperatures

25.4 °C

Lake temperatures

25.5 °C
Obertrumer See

Lake temperatures

25 °C


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