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To the city of Salzburg

The extensive network of cycle paths in Salzburg Seenland offers something for everyone. 

It invites to Tours and Excursions with detours to shady guest gardens or picnics on the meadow. But also for short errands in the surrounding area or for a visit to the Mozart City Salzburg. Well-signposted paths lead off the main roads into the city and make the excursion a environmentally friendly and sporty Experience.

From planning and building a dense Cycle path network benefit not only holidaymakers, but also residents of Salzburg Seenland. Whether for the daily way to the Work or to the Shopping, the bicycle is an ideal and environmentally friendly alternative to the car - also in combination with train or bus. On designated cycle paths or quiet side roads, the bicycle can be easily integrated into everyday life.

Depending on Location you can turn to Salzkammergut and Mozart Cycle Route Symbols or follow other commuter routes into the city.


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