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A modern mystery play or a heavenly comedy

Once again, judgement is to be passed on sinful mankind and the angry God therefore calls a meeting in which his three boys take part.
The Almighty wants to draw a line in the sand and eradicate his failed creation from the earth without exception.
For the sake of order, he wants to hear the opinions of others beforehand, even though the apocalypse has already become his fixed idea.
Jesus is, of course, the intercessor for people, but Satan is also seen as their intercessor.
defender, because "who better to defend evil than evil itself?"
The Holy Spirit is just as disgusted as the Lord, having tried unsuccessfully for thousands of years to enlighten the inhabitants of the earth.
A long debate ensues that doesn't seem to have any results - until
Mary, who had been excluded from the divine assembly and had always been
was rejected by God again. It not only refers to the mistakes that God used as an example
of mankind, but tries to convince him, together with Jesus, that mankind must stand on its own two feet from now on. In their opinion, the solution is not the destruction of mankind, but the withdrawal of the sacred.
God decides to postpone the meeting to the following day and, if necessary, to the next and, if need be, for all eternity.

Felix Mitterer's "comedic mystery" offers a critical and - enriched with plenty of wit and charm - also very humorous look at the church, faith and power relations.
He incorporates many approaches of modern, not least feminist theology, which is ultimately highly topical in the subject matter.

Direction Helmut Vitzthum
Costumes Salzburg State Theatre
Technology Roland Lederer
Mask Elisabeth Dehmel

God: Hans-Jürgen Bertram
Jesus: Christian Zink
Ghost: Johannes Konrad
Satan: Christoph Mierl
Mother of God: Katja Hoffmann - Hazrati

THU. 01.08., SO. 04.08., TUES. 06.08., THU. 08.08., SO. 11.08.,
DI. 13.08., SO. 18.08., DI. 20.08., DO. 22.08.
Start 20:00 hrs. Admission 19:00

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Tourist office Mattsee (sales and reservations)
+43 6217 6080. info@mattsee.co.at

Entrance fees:
Cat. A - Row 01 - 05: € 34
Cat. B - Row 06 - 10: € 30
Cat. C - Row 11 - 14: € 26
Numbered seats.

Reserved tickets must be collected from the box office at least 15 minutes before the start of the performance, otherwise they will go on sale. Only cash payment possible at the box office. Admission prices incl. 13 % VAT

In case of bad weather, the performances will take place in the Diabelli Hall at Mattsee Palace.
Address: Castle Hill 1, 5163 Mattsee


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