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Generational path - Barefoot path

Spend time in nature - review Nußdorf's history and then forget everyday life for a moment at the recreation area.

On the occasion of the JUMP project (LFI certificate course) of the Landjugend Salzburg, the Landjugend Nußdorf developed a project that benefits young and old.

It was a concern of the youth association to bring awareness back to the people. Awareness for the essentials in life, for gratitude and for our nature.
A generation path designed by the young people, which tells about exciting events from the past and information about Nußdorf am Haunsberg, leads walkers to the recreation area they designed themselves.

A place that should make visitors aware of what nature gives you. Peace, relaxation and a sense of home. Especially in times like these, many people lose these feelings. This is exactly what the Landjugend wants to prevent with this place and give people a place to feel good and feel at home.

In total, the members invested 550 volunteer hours in their project work. An intensive and creative time that proves how team-oriented, flexible and committed the Landjugend Nußdorf are. Simply according to the motto "We don't talk long and get started! Cana can slow us down if we go full throttle!"

Directions: Starting point to the right of the church, along Kirchenstraße, then left up Bergweg. After the last house, quite in the middle of this path, you will find the first sign. Walk away from the first sign to the last one for about 10 minutes.

Parking: at the Spar car park or at the car park of the Altwirt inn.
Route info: Starting point next to the church, suitable for prams


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