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Ice Ätsch Adventure trail


Attention: Part of the track temporarily closed! More information will follow ! 


Of mammoths, glaciers and brave knights: the Ice-Ätsch- Erlebnisweg in Henndorf am Wallersee

On the two routes "Summit Trail" and "Burgweg" continents can be explored on journeys. The children let mountains form or learn how and why stones migrate. They dive into the seas of prehistoric times or experience first-hand how the life of a knight took place in a castle.

Castle trail and summit trail (part of the Ice Age circular trail):
Both paths lead to the summit of the Great Plaike, which lies at 1,034 metres. Manti, the clever mammoth, Sissy, the resourceful mouse, the grizzled Neanderthal and Mother Earth accompany the adventurers. Over a length of approx. 2.4 km, you will find information and adventure stations on the Ice Age, Stone Age, our earth, our climate and our environment.

The ICE ATSCH puzzle rally booklet with lots of tricky questions, puzzles and handicraft tasks is available at the municipal office in Henndorf or directly at the starting point at the summit or castle trail or for download at https://iceaetsch.at



Car park Gipfelweg: at the "Climate" station/panel - meadow at the starting point Steinwandlweg,
Burgweg car park: Municipal area Berg / Lichtentann Ruin
Directions: Length approx. 2.5 km, approx. 400 hm, forest path, good footwear required, recommended. Season: April - end of October, not suitable for prams.
public toilets:  at the school
Refreshment stops: in the village Stelzhamerstube, Trattoria Mario, Village cafe, Bakery-Confectionery Leimüller, Toramen's kebab, Bratpfandl
Sightseeing: Information and experience stations, beautiful views of the Alpine foothills

Henndorf Tourist Office
T. +43 6214 6011

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