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The Richtstättenweg Lochen is divided into four interesting themed trails
 - and all lead to the original sites of former Salzburg-Bavarian jurisdiction.
Station panels explain the special features of the legal history of the Archdiocese of Salzburg and the Duchy/Court of Bavaria at the original sites or in direct line of sight of thematically significant places.

Theme path A: The way From the beheading place to the gallows leads from Lochen to the Köpfstätte and on via the Landschranne to the gallows. From Bergham it is worth making a detour to the "Panoramablick" at Schimmerljuden.
Directions: 5 km walking time, about 1 1/2 hours, suitable for pushchairs

Theme path B: The landlordship affiliations Between Salzburg and Bavaria, the name of the next path, were hotly contested around and in Lochen. The Bavarian inn (Gasthof Hauer) and the Salzburg "Bräu" (Gasthaus Kriechbaum) are located by the parish church. In Oberweißau there was a Bavarian noble seat (Wirt z'Weißau).
Directions:  Approx. 400 metres walking time; 0.5 hours, suitable for pushchairs

Theme path C: From the tragic Way of a delinquent from Mattseer prison to execution are told by the station boards in Mattsee (Schloßberg driveway), Gebertsham and Astätt (Köpfstätte).
Directions:  7.5 km walking time; about 2 hours, not suitable for pushchairs

Theme trail D: About stone crosses to the old state border leads to the ridge of the Tannberg, where a disputed state border once ran. From there, the trail descends to an old weathered stone cross in Petersham. The cross is one of the few remaining testimonies of old legal customs in Upper Austria.
Tip: A detour to the Schmiedhausl Chapel (Klampfer Chapel) in Reitsham (near Gasthof Mühlbacher) is worthwhile. You enter the chapel through a 500-year-old marble Renaissance portal (originally from Mattighofen Castle). Inside, two wood-carved pictures and well-preserved remains of wall paintings.
Directions:  16 km; walking time approx. 4 hours, not suitable for prams (forest paths).

Parking: Municipal office Lochen am See
Directions: Can be walked at any time, the four themed trails each have a length of between 5 and 15 km; three of the four themed trails have their starting point at the Lochen municipal office.
Refreshment stops: Tannberg InnMühlbacher Inn,
Sightseeing: Schmiedhausl Chapel near Reitsham with Renaissance portal, station boards
Public WC: at the church in Lochen am See (March - October)

Tourist Office - Municipal Office Lochen am See
T +43 7745 8255


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