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The wildly romantic Tiefsteinklamm gorge can be reached on foot from Schleedorf within 20 minutes. The stream meanders deeply through the conglomerate rock and flows into a small waterfall. Old legends say that legendary figures dwell in the numerous caves. The most famous are certainly the three wild women, two of whom tried to cheat their blind sister out of her inheritance.

The Tiefsteinklamm gorge is a natural jewel that is valued as a place of power. But the gorge is even more, namely a lifeline that supplies the village with drinking water.
The Tiefsteinklamm is particularly popular with children: for generations they have been splashing around in the cold water, building their dams and letting their imaginations run wild while playing.

Parking: at the sports facility (free of charge)
Route information: Walking time approx. 20 minutes, freely accessible at all times, not suitable for prams.
Attractions: Tiefsteinklamm gorge Stations for families

Schleedorf Tourist Office
5205 Schleedorf
T +43 6216 4100

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