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St Stephen's Parish Church

The parish church of St. Stephen was elevated to a parish in 1891. There is documentary evidence of a church as early as 1379. After a fire in 1872, the nave and the tower were rebuilt using, among other materials, conglomerate stones from the nearby Tiefsteinlamm.

The church is a single-nave, three-bay building with a Gothic choir on three sides. Carvings on the high altar depict the stoning of St. Stephen, above it the Holy Trinity. The statues of St. Florian on the right and St. George on the left are the work of Meinrad Guggenbichler from the years 1699-1701.

The crucifixion group on the right side wall of the chancel and the statues of St. Sebastian and St. Leonhard on the two side walls in the nave are also from Meinrad Guggenbichler's workshop. The baptismal font made of marble from Untersberg dates from 1642. Since the end of the 1990s, the right side altar has been adorned with a Good Shepherd statue by the academic sculptor Walter Mayerhofer.
The bell house is adorned by a copy of the image of Maria Hilf - the original painted by Leopold Layer in 1814 is in Brezie, the largest place of pilgrimage in Slovenia.
Renovations were carried out in 1945/46 and 1972.

An exterior renovation in two stages was carried out in 2012, followed by an interior renovation in 2013.


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