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The "Naturgut Lippenbauer" is an association for the promotion of a healthy environment.

An appreciative approach to our environment, working in harmony with nature, experiencing the joy of doing is an important goal of the association.

Angela Rachl lives with her family on the farm Naturgut Lippenbauer, where her own sheep also provide the wool for her works.
With imagination and sensitivity she creates bags, hats, scarves in a special technique up to lovely decorative items.

Environmentally friendly, with manual and artistic skills, feeling and experiencing what can be created with holistic thinking and doing, that's what she and her association colleagues want to make accessible to everyone who is interested.

Interesting projects are always taking place in the yurt. At the felt café and the Ecoprint course, enthusiastic supporters meet to felt.

Course programme and shop:

Natural farm Lippenbauer
Back book 4
5166 Perwang
Tel.: +43 6217 8739
Mobile: +43 664 2776775
E-mail: office@naturgut-lippenbauer.at
Web: www.naturgut-lippenbauer.at

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