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Fronfeste Museum
New market on Wallersee

The programme museum
Participation - art education - sustainability

The exhibits and the historical background of the collection can be found in the changing annual exhibitions:

  • the prison cells and the mediation of the former practice of jurisdiction in the fortress,
  • the vivid collection of the working world of the already historic trades of hatters, tanners and bag makers, which invites you to understand in the true sense of the word,
  • the Roman finds, some of which come from recent archaeological excavations,
  • the inclusion of modern art in cultural-historical themes,
  • With the active participation of young and old, a fruitful coexistence of past and present is created, a centre of cultural life where socio-political issues determine what happens, and where there is also space to celebrate and enjoy together.

As a museum, we actively and participatively address social trends such as the climate crisis, digitalisation, the globalisation of the economy and culture, demographic change and value pluralism, EU enlargement and migration. All of this presents our society and museums with huge, historic new challenges.

An important factor here is both the challenges facing the museum today and society as a whole. We deal with climate justice and the regional approach to the climate crisis. Nevertheless, people and human dignity are at the centre of our work.

You can visit the Fronfeste Museum and the Kramerey during opening hours without booking.
For visits by groups or classes, please book in advance.

Current exhibitions and events can be found here
Contact special exhibition: Ingrid Weese-Weydemann, MAS 
+43 (0) 660 7389834
All info on opening hours & admission: www.fronfeste.at

With the Seenland Card you get 1 x free entrance to the museum.

Fronfeste Museum
Main street 27
5202 Neumarkt am Wallersee
Tel.: +43 6216 5704

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