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VEGA Observatory
House of Nature

The VEGA Haus der Natur observatory meets the most modern technical requirements. It has two high-performance reflecting telescopes as well as observation terraces on the roof of the building. In addition, the observatory offers a combined lecture and event hall with audiovisual media equipment including direct transmission of the telescope images.

The public observatory is located on Haunsberg in Salzburg Seenland. It enables anyone interested to personally experience and learn about the universe. In contrast to pure research observatories, the focus is not only on a scientific mission, but also on education and the social mission from the very beginning.

With this objective, the Haus der Natur Salzburg wants to get as many people as possible excited about astronomy and space research, as well as promote interaction and discussion of these topics in society.

To every last Friday evening of the month the working group organises a Astro Evening at the observatory. The focus here is on current astronomical events, lectures and exchange of experiences.

And last but not least, the members of the working group invite you to guided star tours at the VEGA observatory Haus der Natur on Haunsberg.

Every Monday and twice a month on Wednesday, telescopic guided star tours take place at the VEGA observatory Haus der Natur. weather permitting. To participate in a star tour, online registration is required here on this page.

Here you go to the online registration to guided star tours at VEGA's Haus der Natur observatory - early registration is advantageous.

All dates booked up already?
With the Digi-Story "Starry sky of the month we might be able to shorten the waiting time for you: Here you can digitally discover what is happening in the night sky right now.

Dr Julia Weratschnig
Tel. 0662 842653-3321

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