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Wimmer tailors

The family business has existed for over 250 years and has specialised in the Made to measure traditional costumes and leather In recent years, Wimmer schneidert has made a name for itself with new ideas and its own department for wedding outfits. In the village, it is customary to address each other as "Du" and the Wimmer family does the same: customers and visitors are welcomed into the village community, as it were.

Visitors are invited not only to find out about the latest trends, but also to take a look at a business that is committed to sustainability. This starts with the use of natural materials, such as fabrics made of cotton, silk and pure wool. For the production of the famous leather trousers, only high-quality deerskin tanned with Tran without harmful substances is used. Production takes place exclusively in Schleedorf. The company continuously trains apprentices, who can count on a secure job. There are family-friendly working time models for the tailors and those who have care responsibilities are even allowed to work at home.

Accessible from the outside is the Schleedorf Dolls' Windowwhich tells little stories about village life and the G'wand with sixty moving, handmade clay puppets.

The Traditional costume wedding is beautiful: the wedding dress, dirndl, wedding suit, the gentleman in frock coat or leather trousers. At Trachtenschneiderei Wimmer you will find the right clothes for the bride, groom and wedding party.

Wimmer schneidert, Dorf 96, 5205 Schleedorf,
Tel: +43 6216/6562
E-mail: lebensfreude@wimmertracht.at
Homepage: www.wimmertracht.at

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