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Emperor beech at the

The Kaiserbuche on the Haunsberg is a true highlight of the region.

This historically important site is not only captivating because of its historical background, but the panorama from this spot is also unrivalled.

The original tree, which commemorates the unofficial visit of Emperor Joseph II on 28 October 1779, fell victim to a storm in 2004 and was replaced by a new planting.

In 1932, the imperial beech was declared a natural monument.

The Kaiserbuche can be reached on foot from Obertrum in about 2 hours, but is also a popular destination for cyclists.

The Seenland pilgrimage trail in the footsteps of the VIA NOVA also passes the Imperial Beech. A stele with an audio guide station right next to the chapel invites visitors to learn about the history of the Emperor's Beech while enjoying the view and panorama.

The "Haunsberg Circular Trail" is also very popular. On this beautiful circular trail, new views of the Salzburg region and the Bavarian foothills of the Alps open up again and again.


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