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New market on Wallersee

In the "Kramerey" on the ground floor you can buy handicrafts and culinary specialities. 


Sepp Forcher's Weyringer Collection - His Legacy to the Municipality of Neumarkt am Wallersee

In the Fronfeste Museum we are showing the exhibition "Weggefährten. Sepp Forcher and Johann Weyringer". Pictures by Johann Weyringer - from Sepp Forcher's legacy to the municipality of Neumarkt am Wallersee/Museum Fronfeste.

A selection of original objects and autographs bear witness to the special friendship that connected Sepp Forcher and Johann Weyringer. Common experiences, journeys and the world of the mountains led to philosophical conversations and produced texts and pictures. Their participation in the artistic creation process is documented in several contributions to "Sounding Austria". For example, a bronze casting of the sculpture "Hope and Resurrection", which is also present in the exhibition as a drawing. A separate chapter on Rome testifies to Forcher's love of the city and its culture as well as his interest in encountering the Weyringer glass artworks created at that time in the Church of Santa Maria del Anima together with his friend.

Insights into Sepp Forcher's life are not neglected: there are stories of his travels (for example to Bhutan and Switzerland) - and of his "mountain experiences in the South Tyrolean and Austrian mountains". In addition, one experiences a variety of Sepp and Helli's "collected beloved things", which all had a place in the "Lieferinger Wohnhaus" and still bear witness to their sense of art and their culture of life.

DURATION OF THE EXHIBITION: 12.5.2023 until 24.2.2024

Contact special exhibition: Ingrid Weese-Weydemann, MAS | +43 (0) 660 7389834 | 
All info on opening hours & admission: www.fronfeste.at

With the Seenland Card you get 1 x free entrance to the museum.

Fronfeste Museum
Main street 27
5202 Neumarkt am Wallersee
Tel.: +43 6216 5704

Sesto Dolomites and Sepp Forcher. The artist elevates his friend (title by Sepp Forcher)
Acrylic on canvas 2001, 177 x 223 cm

(C) Photos from the special exhibition: Fronfeste Neumarkt 

made with ❤ by  the konceptionists