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Experience Brewing course

We brew enthusiasm.

The perfect bad weather programme - can also be booked at short notice!

The brewing courses take place in the Bierkulturhaus in the heart of Obertrum. Become a beer brewer yourself and actively learn the individual steps of the brewing process. Step by step, a beer is brewed together. The mix of beer passion, joint creation and knowledge transfer brings the best mood for all participants. In order to master the tasks, team cohesion is required. Whether for pure beer lovers or hobby brewers, our offers are suitable for beginners with no previous knowledge to advanced beer and brewing connoisseurs who want to deepen their knowledge.

Let's start with the distribution of tasks, because every single person is needed. When creating the recipe, the raw materials water, malt, hops and yeast are dealt with. May we get a little creative? Our spice rack holds numerous treasures for refining the beer! At the brew kettle, we start brewing our own beer under professional guidance.

After a hearty, hot lunch, experience a tasting of international craft beers and visit the neighbouring Trumer private brewery - home of the famous Trumer Pils.
At the end, everyone receives a brewing certificate!

- Professional supervision by skilled brewmasters,
  Brewers or qualified beer sommeliers
- Brewing a creative brew according to the wishes of the group
- Creative beer tasting
- Guided tour of the Trumer private brewery Sigl

Price and info: www.bierkulturhaus.com


Kiesbye Beer Culture House
Axel Kiesbye GmbH
Village square 1
5162 Obertrum am See
T. +43 76 4777 168


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