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Cross-country skiing
in Henndorf on Wallersee

If the weather permits in winter, you can also go cross-country skiing in Henndorf. 4 access points provide access to the various cross-country trails.

Lakeside trail: 4.8 km
1st entrance sports field (car park)
2nd entrance kindergarten (car park)

Oberdorf - Ölling - Wankham trail: 4.1 km
3rd access building Salzburg AG
4th entrance Ölling gravel pit

Cross-country skiing is possible if there is enough snow!

TVB Henndorf on Wallersee
T. +43 6214 6011



Cross-country ski trail Henndorf ©Stütz
Henndor cross-country ski trail © Stütz
Cross-country ski trail Henndorf © Stütz
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