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Press Contact

Logos, press images and press texts are available directly from the Salzburg Seenland team.

For enquiries, please contact us with your request and intended use: info@salzburger-seenland.at

Images with copyright "Salzburger Seenland" are available free of charge for tourism marketing - for online or print purposes. They are not available for commercial use (advertising of products, merchandise and services outside the tourism industry).

Our images and logos may be adapted to the necessary size formats, but their content and graphics may not be changed without consent. The source of the image must be stated as follows: "Salzburger Seenland GmbH/Foto:[Urheber]" or on social media on Instagram "@salzburgerseenland, [+ photographer if applicable]" and Facebook "@seenland, [+ photographer if applicable]".

If you are interested in using image material with a different copyright, please contact the owner indicated in the copyright notice directly.

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